Today, businesses that DON'T have mobile websites are losing millions of dollars in sales to competitors who recognise the fundamental shift and have 'gone mobile' to reach their target market.

Mobile devices are part of our everyday lives, letting us stay connected to each other, regardless of where we are. 

Normally located in our pocket/handbag, we access information 24/7.  We shop without physically visiting a store.  We chat in all forms - phone, text, email, picture, video and social, whenever we want, and this communication impacts our decisions and actions - where we eat, AND what businesses we contact.

We expect to be able to easily and quickly access this information on our mobile devices, and when we can't because the site is not mobile-friendly we get frustrated and go elsewhere!  Consider the impact on your business if your site is NOT mobile-friendly.

"Not having a mobile optimised website is like having your shop closed for 1 day every week"  Google, #1 Search Engine.



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Time to Take Control

  • Have you noticed that traditional advertising - local newspapers, community magazines, yellow pages, etc is getting more expensive, and providing fewer results?
  • Finding it hard to differentiate your business via online directories?
  • Don't understand the internet, let alone why everyone is raving about it, and nervous about being taken for a ride?

Key Solutions Online aims to provide every local business the opportunity to get online to find more customers, be differentiated and make money.

We will provide you with a demo site, so you can clearly see what your website would look like.  We will incorporate your changes, and within a short period you will be able to start using your website to market your business, to turn more leads into customers.

So what is stopping you? 

Your Customers are Mobile...Are YOU?

Upgrade your work style today with these great small business solutions....
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 Mobile Business Cards

Fed up with your traditional business card being forgotten, lost, out of date, incomplete, boring and not making you money?  It is time to think outside of the rectangle of the traditional business card, because MOBILE BUSINESS CARDS are a whole new level of personalised branding, that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Mobile Business Cards are going to change the way you do business!  They really are a marketing ONE STOP SHOP regardless of whether your client is at the getting to know you stage or ready to buy!

Who understands how powerful this tool can be for your profile as a professional, business owner, speaker or coach?  Start making money, turn leads into sales....order your Mobile Business Card today!

Beat the Competition

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