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Got a great business, but not enough customers or cashflow?   Key Solutions Online is a Queensland Digital Marketing Agency supporting Gold Coast businesses and services clients nationally. We provide affordable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions to local businesses to meet your specific needs, rather than standardised SEO packages that many other search companies promote. Delivering targeted traffic to your business to generate new leads and customers is a high value service, so all our work is done in house by our professional staff, not outsourced overseas, and we use the latest and most effective search engine marketing strategies.  

We partner with existing successful businesses with an online presence, that recognise the value of marketing to increase business exposure and dominate their competitors online. Ready to dramatically grow your business? 
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We make it easy for your business to be found by your potential customers.

SEO Gold Coast

Within an incredibly short amount of time, the internet is becoming the biggest business opportunity for finding traffic and profits. Do you remember when you used to look up a phone book or community directory book to find a local tradesman, or to find the address of a retail store?   Not anymore.  When people are searching for a product or service, they go to Google, Yahoo or Bing, or Siri, they go to a search engine.  That is why for a business wanting to be found online,  search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of your digital marketing strategy.  Websites that are not utilising SEO are seeing diminishing results and are quickly passed by competition.

If you were to consider return on investment (ROI), you will be hard pressed to find a better investment than an effective SEO campaign.  Gold Coast SEO understands how important search engine optimisation is for a business. Search marketing can help propel your business and works 24/7, yes even while you are sleeping!  Gold Coast SEO's expertise provides value for money, uses proven SEO techniques and tools to enhance your website so that it ranks above your competition.   

Important Benefits of Gold Coast SEO

Long-term Standings

After we have completed the initial analysis of your online presence, we will develop an SEO strategy for your business so that we can successfully rank your site, for the long term.  Our reliable Gold Coast SEO expert only uses best practices to deliver results. Google changes it's search algorithms every now and again, but we believe in being proactive even after reaching your position goal, so that you can have confidence that you website's ranking will be resilient, staying ahead of your competitors, with some ongoing maintenance.  

Beat the Competition

Markets are competitive, and the strength of your foundation online is an well-optimised website.  Users generally have time constraints when searching for information, and consequently generally only scroll through page one of search engine results to locate the best company that meets their needs.  There is no better way to maximise your business success, and minimise your competitors then by dominating page one.  With Gold Coast SEO, we build towards page one results for target keywords that matter most to your customers, leaving your competition in the dust.

Higher Sales

Businesses undertake SEO to drive targeted traffic to their websites.  Our experienced SEO specialists in Gold Coast know the proper techniques to get results. Targeted traffic is vital as it drives traffic with the right buyer intent - to create awareness, to build understanding, or make a purchase.  People are able to find your website because of our work ranking it for industry specific keywords. We take the ranking process very seriously and do whatever it takes within proper SEO guidelines to rank your site as high as possible.

Increase Visibility

Although search engine optimisation is a relatively new marketing technique, we do know that outstanding content is paramount to ranking process and viral sharing. A pretty website still has to deliver great content to meet user's expectations.  Our SEO marketing Gold Coast agency customises your site but utilising targeted keywords in regular industry-specific content for articles, blogs and videos, as one part of our campaign to boost your website's rankings, making your business more visible online. Higher visibility builds your business brand's trustworthiness, leading to more sales.  

Affordable Marketing

Search engine optimisation is very affordable compared to other marketing strategies. This is especially true when working with an experienced agency that knows what it is doing. Our experts know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t waste money on short term tactics that don’t work. Experts at Gold Coast SEO will significantly drive down your marketing costs.

SEO has one of the top ROI of all marketing strategies because it delivers proven results. All you have to do is follow the data to see who purchased your product and where the traffic came from. Time and time again it’s from SEO. Many businesses throw their money at advertising which is fine for businesses with a huge budget with money to burn. We’re not into the risk of investment game. SEO provides targeted traffic to your website.

All businesses can benefit from search engine optimisation. Contact Gold Coast SEO today and we will create a custom internet marketing plan for your business so you can start crushing the competition.

Tired of Losing Customers To Your Competitors?

Key Solutions Online will help dominate your market online.

Why Your Business Needs to Be Mobile


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Mobile devices are part of our everyday lives, letting us stay connected to each other, regardless of where we are. 

Normally located in our pocket/handbag, we access information 24/7.  We shop without physically visiting a store.  We chat in all forms - phone, text, email, picture, video and social, whenever we want, and this communication impacts our decisions and actions - where we eat, AND what businesses we contact.

We expect to be able to easily and quickly access this information on our mobile devices, and when we can't because the site is not mobile-friendly we get frustrated and go elsewhere!  Consider the impact on your business if your site is NOT mobile-friendly.

"Not having a mobile optimised website is like having your shop closed for 1 day every week"  Google, #1 Search Engine.

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