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Got a great business, but not enough customers or cashflow?   Key Solutions Online is a Digital Marketing Agency helping Gympie businesses succeed online, and services clients nationally. We provide affordable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) solutions to local businesses to meet your specific needs, rather than standardised SEO packages that many other search companies promote. Delivering targeted traffic to your business to generate new leads and customers is a high value service, so all our work is done in house by our professional staff, not outsourced overseas, and we use the latest and most effective search engine marketing strategies.  

We partner with existing successful businesses with an online presence, that recognise the value of marketing to increase business exposure and dominate their competitors online. Ready to dramatically grow your business? 
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We have already invested heavily in the success of your business, so contact us now to gain a competitive advantage!  

What we do for our select clients

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We make it easy for your business to be found by your potential customers.

Ways to DRIVE customers to your business

Any local business owner wanting great success for their online business should try and ensure access to the best Gympie SEO services. Your website is your shop window, where you communicate with your potential customers and deliver products and services. Gympie SEO services will enable you get your website ranked well by search engines. 

Gympie's recent Business Confidence Survey suggested businesses in Gympie and the Cooloola region had a positive outlook for 2017 and beyond. In particular, regional projects including the Bruce Highway upgrade works and other infrastructure projects will result in improved access and reduce travel times, bringing additional promotional opportunities for businesses in and around Gympie.  

Equally, having your website easily accessible so that it is ranking well in Google is equally important. Appearing on page one of Google means that potential customers will contact your company, instead of your competitors. It is a business fact that users searching for local businesses rarely go beyond page one of search results. Where is your business currently ranked?

With over 4,000 local businesses, Gympie is one of the region's fastest growing areas and includes the Mary River and seaside towns of Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach.  It is 160 kms north of Queensland's capital, Brisbane and about a 40 minute drive north from Noosa.  With the new Bruce Highway upgrades, Gympie businesses can reasonably expand their service area, and with the help of Gympie SEO consultants they can be easily found online when consumers are searching for nearby service providers.

If your customers can't see you online, then they won't know you exist.  Gympie SEO Services can help save you time and expense. It is important that you are ensure you work with experts who have a solid track record and can demonstrate results.  This may require some research, but if you are searching for Gympie SEO company and you find us, that shows that we can deliver results for our business, and we can deliver them for you too. 

Here are some reasons why you should always work with experts when carrying out your Gympie SEO services:

Gympie SEO Experts will enable you to save time 

Working with local SEO professionals means they know the local economy and how things work in the shortest time and effectively, saving you time and allowing you to focus on running your business.  Key Solutions Online is a local company, but SEO is an online service, so although we may physically meet up at regional events, the majority of our work can be completed via telephone or email.  We provide regular reporting, so you always know your ranking results.  Gympie search engine optimisation can be complex, but our approach is tailor made to your needs, and we will lead you through the options with our SEO blueprint that we have used successfully for many local businesses.

Gympie SEO consultants deliver results 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is helping local Gympie businesses to be found on page one of search engines.  It is how everyone nowadays searches for a local company when needing their products and services.  It is the most direct means of communicating with your potential customers.  SEO delivers clients to your business, and most professionals consider it to be the best form of online marketing available.

SEO companies that are confident in their skills to deliver results may offer service warranties, once you have decided to work with them. A company that will agree to offer a warranty are positively engaged to achieve success or enable you to claim the warranty, services free of charge for defined period.  In most cases, this level of commitment are best for you, as you are working with an SEO business wanting to deliver results. 

Gympie SEO services will save you money

How do you market your business locally, in the wider Cooloola region, and beyond?  Traditional marketing via the local newspaper may provide you with a few enquiries each month, but mostly people today are looking online, and searching via their mobiles when looking for local services.  

Personal referrals are important for every business.  Word of mouth is great, especially in friendly towns like Gympie, but with our growing community, and travellers passing through needing quick and easy access, and so many people searching for services online, having favourable online reviews (easily found in directories, on your website and socials) is imperative, and can mean the difference between your phone ringing or your competitors.  

Many businesses will invest in paid advertising with a view to quickly build traffic.  Unfortunately, this is a fingers crossed approach that is short term and generally delivers limited results.  SEO delivers consistent organic traffic.  It is a systematic targeted campaign that is aimed at the users already looking for your service or product.  

Tired of Losing Customers To Your Competitors?

Key Solutions Online will help dominate your market online.

Why Your Business Needs to Be Mobile


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Mobile devices are part of our everyday lives, letting us stay connected to each other, regardless of where we are. 

Normally located in our pocket/handbag, we access information 24/7.  We shop without physically visiting a store.  We chat in all forms - phone, text, email, picture, video and social, whenever we want, and this communication impacts our decisions and actions - where we eat, AND what businesses we contact.

We expect to be able to easily and quickly access this information on our mobile devices, and when we can't because the site is not mobile-friendly we get frustrated and go elsewhere!  Consider the impact on your business if your site is NOT mobile-friendly.

"Not having a mobile optimised website is like having your shop closed for 1 day every week"  Google, #1 Search Engine.

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