Video Marketing Engages

Video is a visual, engaging marketing tool that can enable businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors by delivering keyword video content in search engine results pages (SERPs).

As video makes up 64 per cent of all internet traffic, and online purchasing continues to grow, including video as part of your overall marketing campaign makes sense.  

Video marketing can build brand awareness, build links to generate social shares, or to increase conversions. It is important to know what you want to achieve.  

Tell Your Story with Video Ads - Buy 1 or 3 Promos


Video builds brand awareness and trust 

Video can be an extremely powerful content form and provide a vital contribution to your overall SEO strategy.

Consider providing a video to answer your customer's common questions or concerns.  This allows the search engines to easily locate your video when these queries are raised.

Adding video content regularly builds trust in your brand, and encourages visitors to subscribe to your channel (another SEO ranking factor) so that they don't miss the latest video release.

When your video is embedded into your site followed by social share options your visitors are encouraged to stay longer and engage socially with your business. These trust factors assist in converting visitors to becoming a customer. According to Invodo, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them feel more confident about going ahead and making a purchase.

Alternatively, self-hosting your video allows you to add video rich snippets, which can differentiate your video from the search results, increasing site traffic.

Successful video content needs to be relevant and offer something users want to see and respond to - whether that is entertaining or educational, to generate social likes, shares and links. When a video evokes an emotional response, people socially like and share, and link to your content. These social sharing elements are factors to improve your video/site's SEO campaign.

Videos in Email Marketing

Adding video to your emails can increase their attractiveness and interactivity, and a survey conducted by Forrester Marketing Group found that including a video in email marketing increased Click-Through Rate by 200 to 300%.

5 Tips to Create Great Video Ads on Facebook

People have a growing appetite for creating, posting and interacting with video online, especially on mobile. The value of a video for brands on Facebook is high and an effective marketing tool, with Facebook averaging 3 billion video views plus daily, with mobile generating 65%.

A recent Nielsen study explored how Facebook video ad formats deliver value. The research suggests that if a brand’s campaign led to 100 people trying a product, 74 of those 100 people will have been reached in the first 10 seconds of that brand’s video ad.  

Here are our 5 top tips for creating the best video ads:

Customer First
Facebook allows people based targeting for better control of reach and frequency,  greater customer appeal with segemented content offerings.

First 3 seconds most important
A video ad on the Facebook feed will autoplay and stops when the user scrolls beyond it. So, you have just three seconds to capture a person’s attention to have them stop and see more.  The first three seconds are the most important thing in the video ad.

Silent Engagement
Videos start playing without sound in their news feed, so your content has to engage well - silently.  The video message has to be communicated visually in the first three seconds to have a chance of being successful.

Flexible Format
Facebook's allows marketers to target specific audience segments to determine impact prior to launches, at little cost.  Test your videos to better understand likely connection and engagement with your key audience profiles.

It has to be authentic
Impactful videos engender emotion.  Focus on the story and find the related emotional connection (fear, anger, love) if you want viewer engagement, rather than specifically selling a product. 
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