Why is Free Wifi Important For Businesses?


How Social Wifi Deliver Results

Do you offer your customers an in-store 'free wifi hotspot'?  This free wifi service is now expected by many mobile customers, and it can differentiate your business from your competitors, but are you using it as a valuable customer building asset?  

Our Social Powered Wifi service captures valuable customer data, automatically builds your customer email list, increases customer loyalty, and improves social engagement.  Get real results, in real-time.  
Contact us today to be considered for a FREE 14 day trial of our Social Wifi Solution.  

Your Social Powered Wifi service will:
  • Generate leads automatically.
  • Connect your customers to your social presence, providing you with valuable marketing data. 
  • Engage with your real customers through offers, promotions, contests. 
  • Turn your customers into raving fans!

How Social Wifi Marketing Works

We turn your existing free wifi into a lead generating social powered service.  Your customers will connect with your business instantly, and then bring them back again and again - increasing sales and growing your business.  Our Social Wifi Solution means a better user experience for both you and your customers.  

Early Social Wifi installations with local business owners show a significant number of check-ins, after installing our Wifi Solutions. Customer Check-ins on social platforms promotes your business to their friends, and helps make your business more discoverable, as check-ins can show up in News Feed, and help people find you in Graph Search.
Goodbye Passwords
No more long Wi-Fi Passwords!
Grow Social Media Fans
Use your Free Wi-fi to connect and engage with your Customers.
Increase Sales
Generate leads and build your email list, then watch your sales soar!

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